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Flipd is the best productivity app for blocking distractions to help you stay focused.

It's time to Flip Off with Flipd.

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If you're distracted by games, social media, and other apps, Flipd will lock you out of distractions while keeping you connected.

  • Combined Shape Created with Sketch.Use your phone to unplug from your phone

    You read that right. Flipd's solution helps you spend less time distracted and more time focused on what matters.

  • Combined Shape Created with Sketch.Easy to set up, simple to use

    Flipd makes it easy to set up and go. Your homework will be left wondering how it got done so quickly.

  • app Created with Sketch.Hide distracting apps you don't need

    Remove or block distracting social media, games, and other apps with the Full Lock.

  • lock-outlined-padlock-symbol-for-security-interface Created with Sketch. Lock your phone for a period of time

    Whether to study, focus, or simply unplug, use Flipd to motivate and track meaningful time spent offline.

  • calendar Created with Sketch. Create schedules that fit with yours

    Make Flipd a habit. Create unlimited schedules* for your unique lifestyle.

  • school Created with Sketch. Join Flipd groups for school

    Learn more about how educators are using Flipd and helping students unplug in class.

*These features are only available through Flipd Premium. Check below for pricing.

Get Flipd Premium

Thousands get the most out of their time and focus with Flipd Premium. For about the same price as a cup of coffee, give your productivity the real boost it deserves.

  • Flip Off for more than 30 minutes at a time
  • Create unlimited Flipd schedules
  • Use the Full Lock for better focus
  • Track your 30-day Histogram
  • Join Flipd classes and other premium groups
  • Get notified by custom reminders




“Flipd really helped me get to work and focus. It lets me set times to not use my phone and study or go outside. I really recommend this app for anyone trying to limit phone use.”
— AJ, Flipd Community Member ()
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